Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hotline Miami

(Possible Spoilers)

80's style music and artwork, intense violence, and superb storytelling were featured front and center in Hotline Miami, which is included in the recent Humble Indie Bundle 8. This game encourages the player to throw himself at the opponents without any thought of death. Retrying is a seamless aspect of the game, and the game autosaves every floor and chapter. After getting used to the controls and pace, the adrenaline-laced, ultraviolent combat almost seems choreographed like a well made action film. The creators even acknowledge Nicolas Winding Refn's movie,  Drive (2011), in the credits.

This game screams 80's through neon lighting, and a stellar soundtrack. Truly, the designers polished countless details with flooring, room design, available technology, and furnishings. The award-winning soundtrack has been praised relentlessly by fans and critics alike, such as IGN's 'Best PC Sound of the Year' (2012). Several other organizations honored Hotline Miami's gameplay as well.  

The perspective utilized in it is fairly uncommon in today's games, top down, and 2-dimensional. This allows the player to see around corners, plan a sequence of moves out, and respond to threats. Speaking of point of view, the plot is distinctive, too. It becomes increasingly surreal as the game progresses, and you begin to question what actually occurred, especially when coupled with an additional perspective.  

Ultimately, this game exudes satisfaction in a remorseless fashion. Perhaps, a couple of the key fights could be tweaked, but, once success is achieved, you'll be begging for more. 


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